FounderAaron Sarwar

For partnerships or inquiries about the club please reach out to Aaron.

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Director of Football/Acting COONick Balistierri

For any club management activities including; advertising, sponsorship, team management, employment, volunteering, retail operations and coaching please contact Nick.

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Head CoachChristian Benjamin

For trial opportunities please reach out to Coach Benjamin. At this point in the season, all trialists are by invitation only.

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OperationsTJ Gonzalez

For any Hartford City FC game day or fundraising operations which include game day promotions, vendor solicitation, or fan zone activities please contact TJ.

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Brand AmbassadorRick Ramthun

As the Club’s Brand Ambassador any fan, community member, sport enthusiast can contact Rick.

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Media DirectorMatt Bode

For all digital media production including web, mobile, content creation and our live streamed match production please reach out to Matt.

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Community OutreachJohn T. Reaves Jr (J.R.)

As club liaison to the community of the Greater Hartford Area any interests in partnerships or community engagement with Hartford City FC please contact J.R.

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